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president message

Kohei Michikawa


 Oji Imaging Media Co., Ltd. will play a key roll in the Functional Material Company of Oji Group and will be mainly focusing on record media of on-demand digital information such as thermal paper & film, inkjet paper etc. In our daily lives, thermal media are used for receipts, tickets, labels, medical image diagnosis applications etc. and used widely for all kinds of applications. And inkjet paper is used for post cards and large advertising papers in the city etc. In this way, customers frequently use our products in familiar situation.

 Thermal media technology is in a maturity stage, but our company as a leading innovator in this field and one of the leading manufactures, will continue to search for new technology and applications. Today’s economic conditions are drastically changing and becoming difficult day by day. But our company has production sites / sales locations in United States, Germany, Thailand, Brazil and Malaysia. So we will be able to support customer’s global strategy from various areas of the world on time.

 Our company gives top priority for the safety, the environment and following corporate compliances, and will aim to satisfy our stakeholders, customers and employees by serving value added products and services.

 We are aiming to be able to one of the leading company in the world and hope that we are able to establish a fruitful relationship in the near future.